Food To Avoid After Gastric Sleeve: What You Need To Know

Food To Avoid After Gastric Sleeve: What You Need To Know

After undergoing a gastric sleeve in Mexico, your stomach will be reduced in size by about 85%. This procedure removes part of your stomach, making it smaller and thinner.

This causes you to feel full much faster. Ultimately, a vertical sleeve gastrectomy can help you reduce your weight.

However it’s important to follow the proper diet post-operation as well. At the end of the day, any long-term weight loss solution involves a proper type and volume of food intake.

So let’s explore certain foods you should avoid before and after your surgery. That way you can prepare your body in the best way possible and ensure that you lose weight in a sustainable fashion.

What Foods To Avoid After A Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

The foods that you should avoid after gastric sleeve in Mexico will come down to your particular digestion system and body. However,  in general what foods can you not eat after gastric sleeve?

  • High in fat
  • Fried
  • Candy
  • Pastry
  • Desserts
  • carbonated soda
  • Alcohol
  • Cheese
  • Cream or other dairy products
  • Fast food
  • Foods with added fat like salad dressing
  • Empty nutritional foods like chips, bread, or pizza

There are also medications you should avoid afterwards, which you can learn about here.

It might seem like a sacrifice to give up some of your favorite foods. However, keep in mind that collection of what foods to avoid after gastric sleeve is a short term necessity.

You can go back to incorporating these types of food into your diet in moderation later on, but a little bit of uncomfortableness is worth long term comfort and better health.

That being said, what are some foods that you can eat before and after your gastric sleeve surgery?

Foods You Can Eat After Gastric Sleeve Operation

At a high level, you want to eat a lot of protein compared to other macronutrients like carbohydrates.

Additionally, fruits and vegetables are going to be very beneficial for your health and your weight loss. Foods rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals help your body heal and prepare itself during this adjustment period.

It also helps keep the weight off. The more protein you eat, the more lean muscle you’ll build. Muscle ultimately increases your metabolism, which causes you to lose even more fat. So it’s a nice compounding effect.

Some good foods to eat after weight loss surgery are: eggs, chicken, beef, sugar free jello, oatmeal, whey protein shakes, cottage cheese, unsweetened yogurt, vegetables, fruits.

It goes without saying that you should stay hydrated as well. Drink plenty of water and try to avoid drinking other liquids, which typically contain hidden calories or fats.

Additional Tips For A Post-Op Diet

  • Avoid eating out
  • Meal plan once or twice per week
  • Fill up a large water bottle at the beginning of the day to make it convenient
  • Drink lots of liquids and even liquid food like soup
  • Eat smaller portions more times per day (For instance, eat five small portions instead of two or three large portions)
  • Chew your food thoroughly — This helps speed up digestion

Gastric Sleeve in Mexico

Now you have a list of gastric sleeve foods to avoid. With that in mind, you’re ready to take the next step. Reach out to Dr. Ramos Kelly today. Start enjoying your new figure sooner and not later.

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