What Can Disqualify You From Bariatric Surgery? – Top Reasons

What Can Disqualify You From Bariatric Surgery? – Top Reasons

Bariatric surgery refers to weight loss operations. This includes gastric sleeve or gastric bypass surgery in Tijuana, Mexico. This type of surgery has several benefits helping you reduce your stomach size and therefore your appetite.

You will get used to eating less food and become full faster. Combined with proper diet and exercise, weight loss operations can help you reduce your weight and maintain a healthy figure long term.

That being said, many people are proper candidates for this type of bariatric surgery. Some people however may not qualify. As always you should consult with a bariatric surgeon or doctor to determine your best options.

But in general, here are some reasons to be denied weight loss surgery:

What Disqualifies You From Gastric Bypass Surgery?


There’s no specific limit to the age of a patient for gastric surgery. However, typically this type of operation is reserved for people between 13 years old and 70 years old.


Smoking can increase your chances of complications. Therefore, your weight loss surgeon may request that you stop smoking at least a few weeks before and after the surgery.

The reason is that nicotine restricts blood vessels. This can interfere with your recovery and increase risks during the procedure.


It’s important to maintain a proper diet before and after your weight loss gastric surgery. You should aim to reduce the amount of fats and carbohydrates that you eat while improving the amount of proteins, fruits, and veggies you consume.

Consult with your doctor to understand how you should be eating in the weeks leading up to and weeks after your surgery.


What medical conditions disqualify you for bariatric surgery? If you have underlying conditions like a stomach infection, liver disease, cancer, or other serious illness, you may not be qualified to undergo gastric surgery at this time.

Once your symptoms improve or your other conditions are no longer present, you may be able to undergo it in the future.


The best candidates for gastric sleeve or gastric bypass surgery have a BMI below 40 without comorbidities. Sometimes there are exceptions, but in general, you should try to lower your BMI to under 35 or 30 before attempting to receive weight loss surgery.


Depending on your insurance coverage, they may have different qualifications for approving the payment of this weight loss surgery in Tijuana, MX.

Occasionally, insurance can deny your claim based on clerical errors, so ensure that you apply with all the proper information. Additionally, some insurance companies may disqualify you based on your medical history or other evaluations.

If you are denied for gastric bypass surgery or gastric sleeve surgery, do not give up. The reasons you may be denied at the present moment could change in the future. So make the proper changes and then consult with a doctor to see if you can enjoy the benefits of this life-changing weight loss procedure.

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