Intragastric Balloon in Tijuana, Mexico


IntraGastric Balloon Procedure

The intragastric balloon is a short-term weight loss procedure introduced in the 1980s. It works by installing a balloon in the stomach and inflating it with a saline solution. This takes up space in the stomach, causing the patient to feel full for longer. It’s a treatment meant to curb overeating in obese patients. This treatment is meant to last 6 months, after which the balloon is removed. Keeping it in longer increases the risks of complications, so the intragastric balloon is only used for short-term weight loss. If you’re interested in getting an intragastric balloon in Tijuana, schedule an appointment with Dr. Ramos Kelly today!

Intragastric Balloon in Tijuana, Mexico

Uses For Intragastric Balloon Include:

A study was conducted in Brazil where 323 patients with an average BMI of 43kg/m2 had balloons inserted between November 2000 and February 2004[1]. Study participants lost on average 48% of their excess weight. Overall this study showed a high degree of efficacy of the balloon, with no incidences of death (there were none) or major side effects. Patients can expect weight loss of between 25% and 44% of their excess weight (current weight minus goal “healthy” weight).

Who Shouldn’t Get The Intragastric Balloon in Mexico?

Who Shouldn’t Get The Intragastric Balloon?

We do not recommend intragastric balloon procedures for patients who:

– Recently had gastrointestinal surgery.

– Deal with alcoholism or other types of drug addiction.

– Are unwilling to follow a supervised diet program

– Are pregnant or breastfeeding

Effects of Intragastric Balloon

The intragastric balloon procedure works best when combined with supervised behavioral and diet modifications. Surgeons usually prescribe medication to reduce your stomach acid production whilst the balloon is in place. Side effects are relatively uncommon, but some side effects to watch out for include:

The intragastric balloon, while an effective procedure for the short term, is not recommended to most weight loss patients because surgeries like the gastric bypass and gastric sleeve typically have higher levels of effectiveness.
However, if you’re looking for a short-term weight loss option that is completely reversible, the intragastric balloon may be right for you. schedule a appointment with Dr. Ramos Kelly in Tijuana today!

Effects of Intragastric Balloon Procedure in Mexico
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